Depository Participant

Demat Account

A dematerialized or demat account is a facility that allows investors to hold shares in an electronic format. This is similar to a bank account, where you keep your money. In this case, a demat account holds the certificates of your financial instruments like shares, bonds, government securities, mutual funds.


D-Mat Accounts Opening Service

Guheswori Merchant Banking & Finance Ltd.  D-Mat Accounts opening facilities are available at all GMFIL Branches. The account holder can avail the following facilities by maintaining their D-Mat Account.

Services we offer:


Opening a Demat account (Individual/ Company)


Dematerialization and Re-Materialization of securities,


Maintaining record of securities in electronic form,


Settlement trades by transferring/receiving the securities from/in BO accounts,


Settlement of off-market trades that is occurred between BOs outside NEPSE,


To deposit the non financial corporate benefits (such as: bonus, right shares, etc.) issued by issuers in the Demat account of BOs,


To facilitate in pledging of dematerialized securities,


Any other as allowed by laws and regulations in regard to securities depository.


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