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Date Mansir 2, 2076
Hallmark Gold
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Nrs 61385/-
Tejabi Gold
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Nrs 61130/-
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Guheswori Merchant Banking & Finance Ltd is providing internet banking service to its customers in which customers can check:

·  Account Balance
·  Account Statement

·  Details of Account




Internet Banking Application Form can  be collected by customers from our any branch or may download it from our website in download section and submit the filled form to bank ,the login details username & password will be emailed to the customer.





For further enquiry Contact us at:


Guheswori Merchant Banking & Finance Ltd

Guheswori Bhawan,Hariharbhawan Pulchowk, Nepal.

Phone: 01-5550406, 01-5537407

Fax: 01-5536169

Email: [email protected]